Hi   every1

This is a theorical question about the best way to use classes.

I have a class named anything, and also theres a table named ahything ..
The class attributes are the same fields of the table like this

Class anything {
        var $something1;
        var $something2;
        var $something3;

And the table 'anything' has 3 fields they are something1 , something2,
something3, my question:

I have a method in the class that retrieves the values for the 3
attributes from the table, there are many scripts that use this method
to get the data, but not all the scripts uses the 3 attributes, for
example a script calls the method just because only needs the attribute
something1. should i write one method to retrieve each attribute ? Or is
just fine that one method gets all data, and the scripts only uses what
it needs ?? Of course, the real class has more than 3 attributes it has
10 attributes

Any help would be very useful.


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