This is not meant to put down the php/xml combo. Just putting down my 2 cents from my experience
thus far, into the archive for anyone else looking for info.

I just started getting deep into parsing xml yesterday, and the dust has just begun to settle.
Im parsing rss files versions 0.91 - 2.0 just for content.
Before, I was using a class from, phpsyndication, which basically is using regex to scan/grab content from an rss file.
On my PIII 450 dev box running FBSD 4.7, there is a noticeable hit using php's xml functions to parse the rss file.

Using siege,, I did some before and after tests.
Im experiencing on average a 9-14% drop in number of requests my script can handle.
And for some reason, the percentage drop is a bit larger when parsing rss 2.0 files. (Maybe my code).

But I going to accept this, and Im going to keep my new code.
I have plans to use caching in my script at a later date, so its not going to be too bad.
So xml may have some advantages, but in my opinion, if you're going to use it extensively in your scripts,
consider caching its final destination, because, using php xml functions to parse xml is going to add overhead to your script.

Thats my 2 cents...

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