I just upgraded my PHP from 4.2.2 to 4.2.3 and now I have a problem.  Right
now I have some HTML with included PHP.  When the client opens a page with
PHP and HTML it used to (under 4.2.2) display all the HTML before the PHP
and then process the PHP and finally (when processing completed) finish the
rest of the HTML.

This allowed my to do some DHTML to let the user know that the PHP was
processing.  Now with the new version of PHP (4.2.3) when I hit these pages
it will process the PHP before it sends any HTML to the client.

This is really frustrating.  Is there some setting in php.ini that I can
modify to allow the browser to get the HTML before the PHP code?  Or any
other way to get the old behavior?

Any input would be helpful.



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