I'm having a problem with the is_dir function, or maybe I don't understand
how it supposed to work.  I'm using the following code to check whether or
not a directory called $user_dir exists.  If it exists, I am returned the
proper message.  But if it doesn't exist, I get the following error message
that says that it doesn't exist. (I already knew that!)

<ERROR Number="8" Description="Error: &quot;stat failed for
(errno=2 - No such file or directory)&quot; on line 175 of

Can someone please explain what I am doing wrong here, and how to return a
usable value if the directory doesn't exist.

$test = is_dir($user_dir);
if($test){echo "You have a user directory.  It is $user_dir";}
else{echo "Your user directory doesn't exist";

Thanks a lot.

Roger Lewis

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