On 11/02/2002 10:52 PM, Kevin Fradkin wrote:
I read from a template, insert data and save it as a new file with html
i want to send that file that is the same as $out via mail embedded in it...

i do

$fifi = fopen ('/'.$cursada.$cuatrimestre.'/'.$registronro.'.htm', "w");
$fp = $fifi;
fputs ($fifi, $out . "");
fclose ($fifi);
mail("[EMAIL PROTECTED]", "subject",$out , "From: website");

but when i receive that mail.. i get the source of the file with <html>
<body> bla bla bla.... not in HTML FORMAT..
You need to use the Content-Type: text/html header in the 4th argument.

Anyway, if you send HTML only messages many spam filters will discard the messages you send because that is a pattern of many spammers messages.

What you need to do is to compose a message with both the text and HTML versions in the body as alternatives and so the spam filters will not discard the message.

In that case you may want to try this class that makes it easy to compose and send messages with text and HTML alternative versions in the same body and also other useful things like embedded images in the HTML page, attachments, etc...



Manuel Lemos

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