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Hi people, I just got a beta of my ASTemplate code out. It's a PHP template system that uses an XML-based format to specify template format and text files (that can be HTML or any other text format) that make up the body of its output. If you're looking for a good template system for a PHP project, why don't you give ASTemplate a try? It's beta right now, so if you find any bugs, tell me and I'll try to fix it.

So, if you want to help me beta test it, or you think it might be useful (I wrote it for my own purposes, but now I'm releasing it in case others might find it useful) download it: (GZipped tarball, for *nix and Mac- 11k) (ZIP archive, for Windows- 12k)

Currently it's distributed under the GNU GPL, but I might change it to the LGPL later so it can be more widely used. Anyway, I hope people enjoy ASTemplate!

--Adam Atlas

Adam Atlas

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