Adam Atlas wrote:
> First post!!! Um, yeah... anyway...
> Hi people, I just got a beta of my ASTemplate code out. It's a PHP
> template system that uses an XML-based format to specify template format
> and text files (that can be HTML or any other text format) that make up
> the body of its output. If you're looking for a good template system for
> a PHP project, why don't you give ASTemplate a try? It's beta right now,
> so if you find any bugs, tell me and I'll try to fix it.
> So, if you want to help me beta test it, or you think it might be useful
> (I wrote it for my own purposes, but now I'm releasing it in case others
> might find it useful) download it:
> (GZipped tarball, for
> *nix and Mac- 11k)
> (ZIP archive, for
> Windows- 12k)
> Currently it's distributed under the GNU GPL, but I might change it to
> the LGPL later so it can be more widely used. Anyway, I hope people
> enjoy ASTemplate!
> --Adam Atlas
> -- 
> Adam Atlas
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