> I have a search string ($search) and a result ($result). I need to
> highlight every occurance of $search in $result.
> I know that it means that I need to change (for example)
> $result = "This is a test, isn't it?"
> $search = "is"
> Into
> $result = "th<span class="highlight">is</span> <span
> class="highlight">is</span> a test, <span
> class="highlight">is</span>'nt it"
> Now I can easily see how to change the FIRST occurrence of the word,
> but how can I change every occurance?

How about str_replace?

$result = "This is a test, isn't it?";
$search = "is";

$replacement = '<span class="highlight">' . $search . '</span>';
$result = str_replace( $search, $replacement, $result );


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