Hi Erwin,

Yep, this does exactly what str_replace does. 

How can I make the whole thing case insensitive:

$result= "This Is A Test, Isn't It?"
$search= "IS"

It will include the 'is' in 'This', and also the 'Is' and the 'is' in


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David Russell wrote:
> Hey there
> I told you my brain was feeling fuzzy :)
> This works great. Only one problem... I would like it to be case 
> insensitive... Any way?
> I assume that it would be a ereg/preg replace, but I have no clue with

> regexp at all.

Try the following one:

$result = "This is a test, isn't it?";
$search = "is";

$result = preg_replace( '/(' . $search . ')/i', "<span
class=\"highlight\">\$1</span>", $result );

Grtz Erwin

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