Hi Ben,
I am not sure to understand exactly what do you want to do.
But I am going to try to answer you about something,
First, If you need to create your own ftp software using php, check out ftp library 
there are several  function about it, and you can allow visitors to
upload, download, rename, delete, move files, create directory, rename directory chop 
directory etc... through 2 differents webservers using ftp parameters
like domain (ip), username, password, int port etc...

You can also create your own php software to allow user to view, upload,
modify and delete files in your webserver from their browser, and you don't
need activating ftp library, but you should set up (php.ini):
file_uploads to on
upload_tmp_dir to your upload directory
upload_max_size = 2M or I don't know. --> check out the documentary
(Documentary is also available in french.)

If you want allow people to see some file from their browser and download
it right_clicking and "save target as" to their computer, there are several
possibility, first you can set it up through your webhosting setting (for
example for IIS/Windows 2000) you can check on button browse directory- So when 
visitors write your directory URL, the browser shows every files in your webserver.

Secondly, you can also use your own php file to do it using function such as
dir(), opendir(), readdir()--> check out the documentary.
and it is better to use HEADER() to download files into visitors browser.

Well, I hope helping you as I can.

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> Hello, I'm trying again to ask you that question because I was not
> understand.
> I have a unix server hosting service, my hosting service allow me to
> web_server. Those are create for my client who have to upload differents
> things. So when people are connecting to my ftp (example  on IE...) they
> see any folder in their web_user space and can upload stuff in any folder
> their level... So the set upload permission is not working... What can I
> Is it possible to create a upload page (php) that allow user to see every
> folder of his web_user space??
> Thanks!
> Ben
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