Yuk.  I'll admit I don't like frames at the best of times, but is there any
reason why the two-part form can't be two *pages* rather than two *frames*?

The way I usually do that stuff is get them to fill in part a, then part b:

1) validates part a
2) decides what the part b form should look like
3) includes the contents of part a as hidden fields

But if you *have* to have the form split into two frames, then javascript
would submit the first form contents to the second frame, which would then
act like "part b" as above.

You would need to ask a javascript list about that tho :)


on 05/11/02 5:18 PM, Chris Rehm ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> I'd just like to see if I can get some feedback from PHP pros to see if
> anyone is doing anything like this.
> I've got a request to build a two part form, I was thinking it would be
> a page built with frames, when the top portion is filled out, the
> selections there would determine what page would fill the bottom
> portion. But since the bottom would also be a form for submission, I
> just thought I'd build it with PHP so that hidden fields on it would
> store the data from the top portion. Then, a submit gets all the data on
> one form.
> Is anyone doing this? Any problems I'm overlooking? I was thinking of a
> simple javascript action on the upper form to kick off the php for the
> lower frame.
> I'd appreciate any feedback regarding this. Is this something I should
> be using PHP for?

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