top frame:
<form target="bottom_frame" action="show_form.php">
<select name="form" onChange="this.form.submit()">
<option value=""> -- choose a form -- </option>
<option value="form1"> first form </option>
<option value="form2"> second form </option>
<input type="submit>

bottom frame (show_form.php):
   case 'form1':
       include 'form1.php';
   case 'form2':
       include 'form2.php';
   case '':
       echo 'choose a form';

I showed you just the basics, don't forget to name the bottom
frame bottom_frame (or change the target). This can be done also
on a simple page

Chris Rehm wrote:

Good point, lack of javascript is a consideration.

The request is for a form where the second half format is dependent on
the first half. In other words, they make some choices on the top that
determine what the form on the bottom will be. But the guy who wants
this, wants it to be one screen.

Marek Kilimajer wrote:
> Did you get a request for a two part form, or for a form on 2 pages? The
> problem I see is with browsers
> without javascript (either turned of or not implemented)

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