That is going to be very hard to might want to look at doing it
all static...however, what are u going to do about the database

IMHO, i would take the php site and make it static and then put it on a might be out of date, however, it might be the fastest way
for ya.

Do you want them to access your site from the CD-ROM pages?

You could create special pages on your site that the CD-ROM pages call. 
But that would require the user of the disc to have internet access.

But running PHP from a cd-rom will probably not work unless you are
doing some commandline cgi stuff...and i dont even want to think how
that would work for ya...

i would probably do something where static html pages pull data from
your site...


On Wed, 2002-11-06 at 16:44, ROBERT MCPEAK wrote:
> My organization has a need to publish some of our web content on a CD-ROM.  I'm in 
>search of suggestions on how to publish our dynamic content (php/mysql templates) in 
>some sort of "runtime" configuration that would let users browse the site from cd.
> What's involved with this?  Is there such a thing as runtime mySQL?  What would it 
>take to serve PHP from a CD?
> Help!  I don't know where to begin and am looking for advice.
> Thanks,
> Bob 
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