I have a suggestion that doesn't involve PHP or MySQL.  You could make it
look like dynamic pages (and, actually, it would be) by using Javascript.
Copy all the html your site generates from a browser, save the pages, and
then code those pages as html with Javascript to replace dates with current
dates.  All the other content will remain the same but you'd have it looking
like "today's" data.

Not sure if this would work for your content.  I figured this out for a site
I put together where everything is dynamic.  I had set up an elaborate
backend and this was the best solution to let a prospect see it without
actually giving them access to sensitive areas.  It's usefulness might
depend on your content, though.


"Robert McPeak" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
My organization has a need to publish some of our web content on a CD-ROM.
I'm in search of suggestions on how to publish our dynamic content
(php/mysql templates) in some sort of "runtime" configuration that would let
users browse the site from cd.

What's involved with this?  Is there such a thing as runtime mySQL?  What
would it take to serve PHP from a CD?

Help!  I don't know where to begin and am looking for advice.



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