Ernest E Vogelsinger wrote...

>> I have a script that makes a file, and then includes it.  Sometimes I get
>> this error:  [stuff deleted]
>> But most of the time it works great.

> Is this always the same source, or does some source fail, and others work?

Always the same source.  To test, I'm just reloading the page, giving it a
second between reloads just to make sure I'm not running into anything else.

> As to the docs, open_basedir is implemented as a prefix check - from your code
> it looks as if you were allowed to open all files below /home/cwiltgens, but
> not outside your home directory.
> Could it be that the correct path for your statement _should_ be
> /home/cwiltgens/.pix?

Crap.  Good and bad news.

So I hardcoded "/home/.pix/cwiltgen/" and it
worked every time. 

But then I hardcoded "/home/cwiltgen/" (which is
what $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] is returning) and *it* worked every time.

So then I changed

    include($this->getSourceDirPath() . "index.php");

    $foo = ($this->getSourceDirPath() . "index.php");

...and IT worked every time.  So the problem appears to be related to using
concatenation in my include statement (?).

Odd.  Many thanks for the response!

-- Charles Wiltgen

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