I'm using the xslt capabilities in PHP 4.2.2 and running into an odd
problem.  I'm transforming an XML document which has a DOCTYPE
declaration referencing an external DTD.

<!DOCTYPE RootNode SYSTEM "http://my.host.org/foo.dtd";>

When I have xslt_process() attempt to transform the XML document, with an
XSL document I provide, it fails.  These are the errors I get back from
xslt_error() & xslt_errno.
  error: XML parser error 4: not well-formed (invalid token).
  errno: 2

If I remove the DOCTYPE declaration from the XML, xslt_process() has no
problem transforming the XML.

If I change the DOCTYPE declaration to:
<!DOCTYPE RootNode SYSTEM "file:///path/to/docroot/foo.dtd">
then xslt_process() has no problem transfoming the XML.

However, I need to make this work with the external DTD reference being to
some other host (http://other.my.host.org/foo.dtd).
Has anyone gotten this to work properly, have any insight into the error
information above, or know what I might have to do differently?


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