without seeing the specifics, and assuming that PHP is never wrong (in the 4
years i've
used it, it hasn't been!)... your xml doc doesn't conform to the DTD. if you
think this
isn't the case, well, double check. if you still feel it is an error, you
may want to email a
bug issue to the sablotron people (i'm assuming that's what you're using).

"Chris Wesley" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I'm using the xslt capabilities in PHP 4.2.2 and running into an odd
> problem.  I'm transforming an XML document which has a DOCTYPE
> declaration referencing an external DTD.
> <!DOCTYPE RootNode SYSTEM "http://my.host.org/foo.dtd";>
> When I have xslt_process() attempt to transform the XML document, with an
> XSL document I provide, it fails.  These are the errors I get back from
> xslt_error() & xslt_errno.
>   error: XML parser error 4: not well-formed (invalid token).
>   errno: 2
> If I remove the DOCTYPE declaration from the XML, xslt_process() has no
> problem transforming the XML.
> If I change the DOCTYPE declaration to:
> <!DOCTYPE RootNode SYSTEM "file:///path/to/docroot/foo.dtd">
> then xslt_process() has no problem transfoming the XML.
> However, I need to make this work with the external DTD reference being to
> some other host (http://other.my.host.org/foo.dtd).
> Has anyone gotten this to work properly, have any insight into the error
> information above, or know what I might have to do differently?
> THX,
>         ~Chris

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