Its something like:

$res=mysql_query("select item_id, quantity from carts where customer_id='$customer_id'");
// you might want to join with another table to get item names and others you need

while(list($item_id,$quantity)=mysql_fetch_row($res)) {
echo "<input name=\"quantity[$item_id]\" value=\"$quantity\">
<input type="submit">

on the next page:

foreach($_POST['quantity'] as $item_id => $quantity) {
mysql_query("update carts set quantity='$quantity' where item_id='$item_id' and customer_id='$customer_id'");

hope you get the general idea, all information you need (for any item), that is item_id and its quantity
will be stored in one input field, then you need to loop the array and update rows. You only need to get the
customer_id, best done with sessions

Paul wrote:

Hi All:

I have the following setup:

The page contains multiple rows (something like a shoping cart) that
consist of item_id, item_name, and item_quantity. Item Quantity is a
text box that can be adjusted. I have a button to update all items..( I
am using query and based on item_id I can update database..) The number
of rows varies.

My question is - I really do not know how to get variables and update
multiple items in a database..I think I need to somehow grab them and
place in array perhaps? I am really not sure..I do not want to reinvent
the wheel..can some one give me hint? Is there a piece of code that I
can look at it and learn from?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


PS I also would like to place a checkbox (in every row) in the event the
item must be deleted..

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