Simple question first:  There is a perfect working example of file uploads
available on the PHP website in the manual.  Can you get that example to


on 08/11/02 10:05 PM, @ Darwin ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Ok, I have a problem with my file upload. When I upload a file, say $img,
> only $img is available and when I echo $img to the screen it gives the full
> path of the temporary image "supposedly" created by PHP. Echoing
> $_FILE['img']['tmp_name'], or any of the other $_FILE array elements,
> doesn't give anything. There is no array of information for the uploaded
> file, possibly because of the following problem I'm having:
> Another weird thing is that no temporary file is even created on the server
> (I did a system search on the C: drive of the windows box I'm using). Here
> is the info from my php.ini file:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ---
> ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
> ; File Uploads ;
> ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
> ; Whether to allow HTTP file uploads.
> file_uploads = On
> ; Temporary directory for HTTP uploaded files (will use system default if
> not
> ; specified).
> upload_tmp_dir = C:\PHP\tmp_uploads
> ; Maximum allowed size for uploaded files.
> upload_max_filesize = 6M
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ----
> I even changed the upload_tmp_dir setting to the default and it still didn't
> create a temporary file of the image on the server. GD is definately
> installed and enabled according to phpinfo() -- although GD has nothing to
> do with this. I'm uploading *.jpg/*.jpeg files only. register_globals is on
> (I am aware of the risks). So what could be wrong? Is there another setting
> in the php.ini file that I need to worry about that is not set by default?
> I've pondered and tested this long enough and I'm beyond frustration,
> someone please help me with some suggestions to get me through this...
> Thanks,
> - Darwin

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