I get no output at all.

All DoCache does is write $buffer to a file then return $buffer since I use
this for some other serverside caching to save on database hits.

I have other areas that I call ob_start("ob_gzhandler") and that works fine
but when I call in via DoCache it breaks.

I much prefer your idea of mod_deflate.  I will look into that since I
believe that belongs in apache rather than a PHP program also.

I am still curious why it doesn't work though.

Here is my "True" DoCache function:

function docache ($buffer) {
        $fp=fopen(cachefilename(), "w");

        return ob_gzhandler($buffer);

cachefilename() simply returns an MD5 of the requested URI.

This will return a blank webpage in IE and Mozilla.  When I take out
ob_gzhandler it then works fine.


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> At 07:45 08.11.2002, Serge Paquin said:
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> >Hello,
> >
> >    Is their anyway to use ob_gzhandler along with another callback?
> >tried the following which does not work:
> >
> >function DoCache($buffer) {
> >    /* Do a bunch of stuff */
> >    return ob_gzhandler($buffer);
> >}
> >
> >ob_start("DoCache");
> What do you mean by "does not work"? Does it output "nothing", or can't
> see any compressed data?
> 1) output is empty
> Must be an error in your DoCache() function - check the buffer you're
> passing to ob_gzhandler() by writing it to a file (you can't echo it
> 2) you don't see compressed output
> 2.a) That's how it is designed. ob_gzhandler checks the request headers to
> see if the browser supports any of the compressed formats (gzip, deflate),
> and if it doesn't find it then it simply does nothing.
> 2.b) PHP needs to be compiled using --with-zlib to provide ob_gzhandler
> support. You don't get any error if you don't have zlib configured. Check
> phpinfo() to see if zlib support is available.
> Personal hint:
> If you're using the url_rewriter.tags and have session cookies disabled,
> ob_gzhandler will break this. The reason is that PHP parses the
> _very_final_ output to mangle the session identifier to any (local) url;
> case this _very_final_ output is compressed ir can't find any link and
> can't merge the session identifier.
> I personally believe it's better to have compression be done at the web
> server (refer to http://httpd.apache.org/docs-2.0/mod/mod_deflate.html).
> It's more general then, after all...
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