At 16:08 08.11.2002, Serge Paquin spoke out and said:
>Yes their is always output.
>Also the way my system works if it finds a current cache file then it just 
>does "readfile" and no database connection.
>On that output I use ob_start("ob_gzhandler") and it outputs compressed 
>without an error so it seems that ob_gzhandler is working fine that's the 
>part that gets me.

Hmm - one glitch comes to my mind - maybe you need to close the buffer file
before passing the buffer to ob_gzhandler?

        function docache ($buffer, $mode) { 
                $fp=fopen(cachefilename(), "w"); 
                if($fp) {
                return ob_gzhandler($buffer, $mode); 

But I believe the problem must be somewhere in the outer logic - the
callback you showed doesn't do any discrimination if it has a cache file or
not. Check here, I'd suggest...

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