Ernest E Vogelsinger wrote...

>> This has to be a PHP bug, which I'd be happy to file if someone more
>> experienced could confirm that it isn't stupid user error.
> I don't believe it has something to do with PHP, much more with the FTP server
> you're accessing... This might delay the actual flushing for what reason ever.
> I don't believe PHP buffers files differently if they are accessed using an
> fopen url wrapper.

The Linux system I'm FTPing to is using ProFTPD, which as I understand it is
one of the best open-source servers out there.

I will add a note to the documentation along the lines of "If you fopen() to
an FTP URI, write some stuff, fflush() and ffclose(), that doesn't mean the
file is complete (or that it even exists).  Check for both of these things
before you do anything with the file."


-- Charles Wiltgen

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