I imagine it would be faster if you didn't involve lynx. You can just
call up php.exe and a script and send the data as arguments. Your script
will receive the arguments and insert them into the database. This way
you're not involving lynx or HTTP requests, etc, and it should be

---John Holmes...

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> From: Jason Young [mailto:jason1@;erols.com]
> Sent: Friday, November 08, 2002 1:36 PM
> Subject: [PHP] Lynx/Apache PHP execution vs. PHP interpreter
> I've got a CallerID program that I've found on Freshmeat.net (elcid,
> those keeping track)...
> I've edited the reporting functions so that instead of throwing it up
> the console like it normally does, it instead calls lynx with the
> parameter to the PHP page, and that in turn puts the variables into a
> DB... (Basically I can access my full CallerID information from
> My question is ... is there any difference for me to call system() to
> lynx, or for me to call the PHP interpreter directly? I've noticed a
> of lag time between the phone ringing, and the data being reflected on
> the report page (between 7 - 10 full seconds) .. Now I know for a fact
> that the elcid program is partly at 'fault' as far as a delay in
> displaying the info from the modem (developer is looking into it as
> allows, from what I hear) .. but I know it wasn't 7-10 seconds.
> Of course, I'd try it myself and see if there's any improvement, but
> short on time and don't have enough people to bother to say "Hey call
> back real quick" .. and besides, no sense editing and recompiling C
> if there's no difference :-D
> Insight, as always, is very appreciated.
> Thanks much!
> -Jason
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