On Fri, 8 Nov 2002, Jason Young wrote:

> I've edited the reporting functions so that instead of throwing it up on
> the console like it normally does, it instead calls lynx with the -dump
> parameter to the PHP page, and that in turn puts the variables into a
> DB... (Basically I can access my full CallerID information from anywhere)
> My question is ... is there any difference for me to call system() to
> lynx, or for me to call the PHP interpreter directly? I've noticed a lot

Not getting lynx involved would improve performance.  (system() off a
process that does an HTTP GET/POST to your web server w/ a script parser
... bit of an expensive operation to get a piece of data into a database.)

It'd be more straight forward to have elcid insert into your DB.
Then you could reserve your PHP scripts for displaying what's in the DB.


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