Ok here is what I need help with
I need help with how to set up the layout of this project
1st I know I need a create account page for owners to create 
there username and password.
Then once they successfully filled in the form they are logged in
And taken to the Team choice page..
Then once you click that you are taken two your team page.
Their you can view all team stats, Roster, and Schedules
For NFL and Fantasy Team Schedule 
Then you would have links on your team page
That would be like 
Submit starters
Would take you to a page that showed you all of the available players,
with there stats and bye week.
You would then choose your player by checking the box to the right of
the total stats column.
Once you hit claim is one of the hard parts for me.
The player claim after selecting him and hitting saved. Will have a
decision of being added to the roster or denied added to roster, there
are three ways that are denied.  1.over roster size 2. over salary cap
3. after deadline.
If over Roster size you are take to Roster to drop player to get under
rosters size
Then take back to the page to claim player then hit claim on player and
save and the transaction is completed. This is the same thing for the
salary cap if decision is
Under $40.000.00.
This is a major problem for me. Im not sure how to link all of this
I Can create normal pages and tables and forms. But the paths and php
code I need 
Help with..
You can always just drop a player and his name would appear on the free
agent list in real time fashion.
I want all this to be done I Real time fashion and also I want emails
sent to me as they were done. And completed.
Trades can happen the same way has the rules 1 2 3 for claim players
They have to meet all criteria.
But the interface I want side by side teams and owners be able to choose
the players and hit check and save..
If met all criteria it happens and I get email. Then you see the players
traded on there new Teams.
Submit starters
Can be a table with check boxes and hit save total players aloud to
start we can determine when site is made
Then once you hit save you are back at you team page. But it has to be
in before you league deadline.
Once starters are submitted I want owners to be able to go to a page to
view all starters that all owners did for that week.
And I need to have all these issues done in real time.
And my database is setup in mysql 
Would any want to help me with this please get with me asap
I need to be able to talk to you thru the end and make sure I do shit
I want to do all the work, just need a teacher. Please any help would be
greatly appreciated.
Please email back
Sincerely Karl James

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