Jason, I am trying small with forms, reading php
But I have so many questions that books cant answer sometimes
Thus the reason I need a guide...
Would you be able to help me with that?

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On Saturday 09 November 2002 04:33, Karl James wrote:
> I have the php bible 4 book but it
> Doesn't tell you how to do things all the way
> And still leaves with lots of questions.

Questions such as? If you have fairly specific questions then they are
answered quite quickly on this list. 

Open-ended requests such as yours, as you've found out for yourself, are

usually ignored.

Honestly it looks as if you're trying to do something beyond your
capabilities and you don't even know where to begin. 

If this is a commercial project just save yourself some grief and pay
to do it for you.

Otherwise start small. Try the many tutorials that are available on the
learn about how to connect/retrieve/display information from a database,
to perform user authentication etc. Once you've broadened your knowledge
may be able to see where the pieces fit together and then you can start

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