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> Sorry about that guys, here is a bit more info that might be useful:
> I forgot to tell you that I'm working on a Windows XP box with full rights,
> which means the default temporary directory is C:\WINDOWS\Temp and there
> are no limitations on what I can and cannot access on the system (running
> as system administrator). I did change that default to C:\PHP\tmp_uploads.
> I ran this script with the default temp directory as well, same result.

Assuming that you webserver really does have access to write to those 
directories then ...

[snip 'simplified' code]

> Here is what's happening:
> 2. When the submit button is pushed, the files are uploaded through the
> form but the temporary file is never created on the system. I did a search
> on the entire C: drive for the temporary file that should have been
> created, but it's not there.

... you didn't read the manual like I suggested. Because otherwise you'll know 
that "the file will be deleted from the temporary directory at the end of the 
request if it has not been moved away or renamed."

If you didn't 'simplify' the example and removed the all important copy() or 
move_uploaded_file() then you would have had something that worked!

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