One thing to watch out for when doing this is that all browsers do not
support the ?foo=blah in the action attribute of the form tag.  IE and
Mozilla can handle it fine, but (and what a surprise this is) Netscape
will sometime have some trouble with it (mostly in older versions
(4.x)).  But this is the only way that get and post can be combined in
the same form.

As far as using the same php file to generate different forms (some get,
some post)... Yes that's easy. :)

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Basically your form is going to use one or the other....

you might be able to do this...

<form action="file.php?op=submit" method="post" name="someform"> </form>

Then you can use _GET to get the op=submit and use _POST for the form...

never tried so i do not know...but in theory it should work...

On Mon, 2002-11-11 at 19:26, GC wrote:
> Hi-
> Can I use both _GET and _POST in the same php file?  Thanks!! -Greg
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