> ColdFusion developers are more familiar with the URL/form distinction
> than the get/post one, as the former are variable scopes. PHP developers
> generally use the get/post distinction due to the arrays $_GET and
> $_POST. As I understand it, mod_perl developers do not distinguish the
> two, though I have only heard this from one source (though he is a
> highly respected member of the mod_perl community). I am less certain
> about other communities.

Not that it matters, but the Get/Post/Cookie naming in PHP predates the
existence of the various $_GET or $HTTP_GET_VARS variables by quite a bit.
It was the naming that spawned the variable names, not the other way
around.  I didn't make up these names.  They are right out of the HTTP
spec.  ie. <form action=... method=GET/POST>
It seemed obvious and natural to follow this convention in PHP.  But yes,
the fact that you can have GET variables on a POST request is perhaps
somewhat confusing and perhaps the reason why other communities have
labelled this data as URL variables.  However, I think it is very
confusing to call POST variables "form" variables as you can very easily
have GET-method forms in which case this "form" data now comes in a URL

Regardless, your explanation was excellent and I hope someone from the
documentation teams picks this up and puts it somewhere logical, with your
permission of course.


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