OK.. probably a easy thing, but I am complicating it too much. Here is
what I am
trying to accomplish.

Using PHP4.0.2 and PostgreSQL 7.1.

I am creating a time tracking system where a user, based on their login,
gets a  list
of open projects. I have clientid, projectid, description, estimate
time, and actual time
spent on the project. it is the "Actual Time" data that I am trying to
collect. I give the
user a list of all their tasks, and want them to click a FORM BUTTON
(can be
anything as long as it accomplishes what I am doing) that passes
variables like clientid,
projectid, startime, description to the popup. What I want to do is use
that popup
window to show how much time they have spent since the click on "START
TASK" form button is pressed. I then want to show them a running time
starting from
00:00:00 upwards. Sort of like a stopwatch. The popup has a STOP/CLOSE
that, when pressed, will update the database with the unixtime stamp of
the start and
end of the project.

I have the 00:00:00 counter going no problem, but the problem I run

1) How to pass the STARTTIME only when the START TASK button is pressed?

Apprently using

echo "<input type=button value=\"Start\"

does not pass the unixtime (now) to the popup.

2). Since this is a Java popup, how do I get the close form action back
and insert
my endtime into the database from the popup?

3). How do I mix php in a Java function?

Any help and pointers appreciated. Thanks.

Mohsin Rahman

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