Thanks, that did the trick!
Should've read the documentation on flush( ). =]

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> > Hi..
> >
> > I'm using php to pull data from a mysql table and output it to the
> > Pretty basic stuff. The problem is that the output is very slow, seen
> > the browser end, because the html output isn't displayed at all until
> > the data has been retrieved. Actually it's just the <table> part of the
> > html that delays. Every <table> row corresponds to a row from the mysql
> > table, and many rows are being displayed.
> >
> > However, I've seen php generated pages that display the data even as
> > being pulled from the database. So the delay time isn't as hard to
> >
> > I'm wondering if anyone knows what the trick is to output a large volume
> > html data from php in the second way. I've tried adding flush to the end
> > every iteration of the loop that's looping through the rows of data, but
> > doesn't help.
> Most browsers only start rendering tables when they see the </table> tag.
> solution is to split your single table into multiple tables each with, say
> rows. However one drawback using this method is that if you do not specify
> the column widths then they can vary from table to table and it may look a
> bit odd.
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