First, let me just say that I'm no Oracle guru. :) But while we're waiting
for them...

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> > That is great news, thanks Mike. My second problem then lies with my
> > current PHP Setup. I have been using the binary RPMs from RedHat up to
> > now, which do not sem to have been compiled with the Oracle
> > functionality included. If I recompile PHP, will I need the Oracle
> > headers on the machine also? If so this could be a problem as
> > the Oracle
> > server I wish to use is not on the same machine as the webserver.
> Sorry, I can't help with this one as I'm not the administrator of our main
> server, and my test server is Windows so I used the pre-compiled binaries.
> But hopefully one of the Oracle gurus on this list will spring to your

*I think* you need to have Oracle installed even if you wouldn't really
connect to it but instead connect to a different server. Since I installed
Oracle with most of the Linux installations that I did, I haven't really
tried enabling Oracle support in PHP without Oracle on the same server. In
other words, I haven't really tried configuring --with-oci8 without
supplying the path (e.g.  --with-oci8=/path/to/oracle/ ).

PHP will look for the needed file when configuring so I don't think you can
really get away without installing Oracle first. (Of course, you can just
try to find out what files are needed, ask a friend to give you a copy,
"trick" php that it exists, etc.--it might not work though...)

Anyway, if you need Oracle, try the OTN site. There's one that you can use
for development.

- E

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