> First, let me just say that I'm no Oracle guru. :) But while we're waiting
> for them...

Thanks, all help appreciated :)

> *I think* you need to have Oracle installed even if you wouldn't really
> connect to it but instead connect to a different server. Since I installed
> Oracle with most of the Linux installations that I did, I haven't really
> tried enabling Oracle support in PHP without Oracle on the same server. In
> other words, I haven't really tried configuring --with-oci8 without
> supplying the path (e.g.  --with-oci8=/path/to/oracle/ ).

It certainly looks that way.

> PHP will look for the needed file when configuring so I don't think you can
> really get away without installing Oracle first. (Of course, you can just
> try to find out what files are needed, ask a friend to give you a copy,
> "trick" php that it exists, etc.--it might not work though...)

Yes this is right too. I greabed the SRC RPM for PHP 4.2.2 and edited
the spec file to include --with-oci8 but it now throws the following

checking for Oracle-OCI8 support... yes, shared
checking Oracle Install-Dir...
checking Oracle version... configure: error: Oracle-OCI8 needed
libraries not found
error: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.47391 (%build)

> Anyway, if you need Oracle, try the OTN site. There's one that you can use
> for development.

Luckally I had downloaded the Oracle-Linux (Version 8i) installer a few
weeks ago incase this problem arised. but the installer is currently
taking 98% of my CPU with the Java Runtime and it doesn't seem to be
doing a lot else (not even a GUI window yet ..... 20 minutes later). I
fear this is too OT for the list though.

If anyone does know if I can "trick" PHP by just copying some files from
the Oracle-Linux.tar then this would be a great help though.

Thanks all for your support.

Dan Field
Systems Development Officer - Social Services Dept.
Ceredigion County Council.

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