At 02:06 13.11.2002, Todd Cary said:
>Many thanks!!  One thing I do not understand in the "types" of variables
>is the use and referencing of a variable with the "[]".  What I usually do
>is define a variable as
>$myvar = array();
>And then I use the "[]" to refer to the elements.  However, if I
>understand you suggestion, which works like a champ, the use of the "[]"
>tells the interpreter to treat $myvar as an array.

No. The '[]' doesn't have to do with a PHP variable, it only tells PHP to
treat an _incoming_ parameter as an array.

What happens when PHP parses form data is something like:

variable is named "name"[] ?
   yes - $_REFERENCE['name'] = array(v1, v2, v3);
   no  - $_REFERENCE['name'] ? v1;

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