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> On Tuesday, November 12, 2002, at 07:34 PM, Ernest E 
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> > Sure it is - just name the listbox control "myvar[]" (note the angle
> > brackets). PHP will recognize this being an array, and 
> you'll end up 
> > with
> >     $myvar = array('select1','select2');
> Is this the only way to do this?

> I just had to do some work with JavaScript and forms and the 
> "myvar[]" 
> name clobbered JavaScript's access to form elements by name. I had to 
> do some ugly form.elements[x] looping to get at the "myvar[]" control.
> This kind on external language hostility is not that cool, especially 
> toward such a common language as JavaScript.
> My apologies to PHP if the language provides a workaround :)

Not even a workaround.  By definition, in JavaScript x.y is identical to x['y'], so 
where for a simple field you might write:


for a field named "myvar[]" you can write:




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