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> I have sendmail installed and the path to it in the php.ini is correct, when i try a 
>file just containing the mail() function (no errors in that!) it starts sendmail but 
>nothing gets sent!
> root     22508  0.0  0.2  3556 1520 pts/2    S    20:09   0:00 php test.php
> smmsp    22509  0.0  0.2  3416 1440 pts/2    S    20:09   0:00 /usr/sbin/sendmail -t 
> help!

Test the return value from mail - if it is true then mail() has handed the 
message off to sendmail successfully and you need to check your sendmail 
logs to try and track the problem. Also check the mail address on your 
system that would receive error mails (not delivered, etc).

David Robley
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