> I can show a jpeg using a href with a target, either in a new page or a
> frame. To do this, PHP needs to be fed 'header("Content-type:
> image/jpeg")'. This can be put more or less anywhere in the very short
> script used for showing the jpeg and works. However, if I try to put any
> more html code into the script, i.e. 'print <html>';, print '<body>';
> etc, *anywhere*, I get a "headers already sent" error.

You can not put any html code with image code.
If you send some html you mean to send
    header("Content-Type: text/html")
    header("Content-type: image/jpeg")
Where do you want go to ?

You can do so:
There is on the page http://xxx/user.html?name=smith some html code where a user can 
Among the html code you insert <img src="http://xxx/userfoto.html?name=smith";>
On http://xxx/userfoto.html you send  header("Content-type: image/jpeg") and the
image content and no html code.

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