tor, 2002-11-14 kl. 11:14 skrev Chris Hewitt:

> >frame. To do this, PHP needs to be fed 'header("Content-type:
> >image/jpeg")'. This can be put more or less anywhere in the very short
> >script used for showing the jpeg and works. However, if I try to put any
> >more html code into the script, i.e. 'print <html>';, print '<body>';
> >etc, *anywhere*, I get a "headers already sent" error. So I can't

> The headers must be the first thing that is sent to the browser. Do all 
> your other html afterwards, or use output buffering.

Thanks for the answer, Chris. I realise this, but that just does not
work - been there, seen it, done it.

Wherever (even as 1st line) *any* PHP4 header stuff is put in the
script, adding html code later results in the same "headers already
sent" error. That's why I asked for a "workaround," by name.




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