You need to understand the relations between the entities in order to design the database, there
are 3 types:
1 to 1:
- one team has one couch, no team has more couches and no couch has more teams.
- usually in one table (team_name, couch_name), but might be also in two interconnected
with keys (team_id, team_name)(team_id, couch_name)
1 to many:
- one team has more players, but every playes has only one team
- two tables interconnected with key (team_id, team_name)(player_id, team_id, player_name)
many to many:
- each team plays with more team (this is many to many, but references to the same table, better
example would be mailing lists and subscribers, lists have many subscribers and subscribers might
participate in more mailing lists)
- this is done using another table holding multiple references, but might hold also additional information
(domestic_team_id, host_team_id, dom_team_score, host_team_score, match_date)

this is about design, but you have to make it yourself, I don't know about it much

Steven Priddy wrote:

I am looking into how I can make a database like this one that is MySql
controlled. That is one of my partners
sites but the guy that created the database can't or won't tell me how to
build one myself for a different subject. Thanks for your help!

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