<<If the OP was concerned about such issues then
he/she should not be using GIF at all!>>

This is leading me to believe that I can't use GIFs
because of these issues. Is this true? I know now that
Unisys (Unisys?) made a fuss about some compression or
whatever, but someone told me it was still okay to use
old GDs (am I naive? maybe). Is it now considered
piracy to use GIFs at all? Does this mean I have to
switch over to JPGs, even those images that compress
better with GIFs? I just assumed we were still
permitted, what with Jasc and everybody still allowing
it in their products. Is JPEG (or PNG) the way to go?
I hesitate using PNGs since they seem to be the
least-supported out of the 'big three'.

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