That is in no way a correct php program. What error are you getting on the page? Or are you seeing the source? If you are seeing the source when you try to view the script it is a problem on their end(they may want them named as .cgi instead of .php, although rare now, this might be how they are doing it).

--Joseph Guhlin
Web Developer / Unix Consultant

Scott wrote:

I'm trying to run a simple test php script as a cgi script on my ISP's server and haven't been able to get it to work, although according them it is possible.

I have an example from a book which gives the following steps:

1. Put the script in the cgi-bin
2. run chmod 755
3. include "#!/usr/bin/php" at the top. (I have checked that this is the correct location of php on the server)

The test script they give looks like this:


echo "This is a small CGI program."

Doesn't look like the usual php syntax to me, but I guess this is different.
Anyway I've tried it a bunch of different ways and it hasn't worked and I haven't been able to find much on the subject from Google. Can someone tell me where I'm going wrong?


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