I'm not intending to run the script from the shell. What I am trying to do is 
encrypt emails with Gnupg.  The problem is Gnupg runs as my user name and php 
runs as nobody.  So I'm trying to run a php script as cgi to deliver the data 
to Gnupg since a cgi script will run as my username.  I am using a perl 
script right now and it works, but the rest of the application is in php, so 
its causing some me some design difficulties.
I'm going to try some the suggestions posted and see if I can get it working. 

On Friday 15 November 2002 11:04 pm, you wrote:
> Joseph, I think he's trying to run the script from the shell--in which
> case it looks okay to me (besides perhaps a terminating semicolon on the
> last line)
> Marco

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