At 18:04 16.11.2002, Lars Espelid said:
>Session-vars won't work on my pages either.
>Tried your suggested code, but get the following errors in my browser:
>Page 1:
>Warning: open(/tmp\sess_22b746f8ee84cf7aadb8da0b37ce9d2a, O_RDWR) failed: m
>(2) in c:\apache group\apache\htdocs\system\kode\test.php on line 2
>Page 2:
>Warning: open(/tmp\sess_22b746f8ee84cf7aadb8da0b37ce9d2a, O_RDWR) failed: m
>(2) in c:\apache group\apache\htdocs\system\kode\ident.php on line 2

It looks as if you have either no /tmp directory (HIGHLY unlikely ;->), or
the user account apache runs in doesn't have the necessary rights for the
/tmp folder.

Set the access mode for the session directory (here: /tmp) to rwxrwxrwx to
allow anyone to read/write it.

However it's better to have a dedicated directory for PHP session files,
for security reasons (sensitive data may be stored there). On our servers,
I have:

session.save_path /tmp/session.php

ls -ald /tmp/session.php gives:
drwx------    2 apache   apache      16384 Nov 16 17:35 /tmp/session.php

allowing full access only to user "apache", and no one else.

>I have no other code on my pages.
>I'm running Apache 1.3.26, PHP 4.0.5 on WinXPpro.
>Configuration problem??

Ups - yes, it's a config problem.
On Win32 there's no directory /tmp, you need to set some other directory in
php.ini file, e.g. C:/TEMP.

What I said above for /tmp/session.php and the access rights holds true for
Win32 as well. Create an own directory for PHP session files, and set
access rights tightly, granting only the Apache user full access, denying
anyone else. Also set the owner of this directory to the Apache user.

Using the "Services" control panel, make sure Apache doesn't run under the
"system" or "Administrator" account, create a user for the Apache service
and grant the necessary rights (e.g. "allowed to run as a service", "may
log on locally", etc).

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