Bryan Cassidy wrote:

This might sound stupid but what the hell. I am running Red Hat 8.0
with Apache. I have apache working fine right now. I am wanting to
learn some php but really don't know where to start/look or anything
to tell the truth. I do "everything" from my FreeBSD 4.6.2 box but
Apache runs on Red Hat. With me? Could someone give me a very "basic"
PHP script or whatever they are called, tell me where I "should" or
"need" to put it on my Red Hat 8.0 box and what else I need to do to
see the script on my webpage? Put it like this. I will make a html
file in /var/www/html/ called php and inside php i will make a file
named php.ini ( i think it should be .ini right?) and I will edit my
index.html file, add a link and point it to the php.ini file and see
what happens. I just want to get a very basic idea of php, what it
does, where to put the php file and how to get started on the web. I
really hope this e-mail doesn't get ignored so could someone just help
me out a lil bit here? I would appreciate it.

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