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> Well,  I've got a few test scripts to run by following the 
> suggestions from 
> the posts. There's just one thing that's not quite right yet.  The 
> "#!/usr/bin/php" line appears at the top of the page.  For 
> instance when I 
> run the following script from the cgi-bin:
> #!/usr/bin/php
> <?
> phpinfo();
> ?>
> The phpinfo page comes up fine, but "#!/usr/bin/php" appears 
> at the top.  
> This happens whether I call the script "test.php" or 
> "test.cgi".  Appreciate 
> any tips on how to get rid of it or why it's there.

H'mm -- there's at least one reasonably recent version of PHP where this behaviour is 
recorded as a known bug, so it's probably worth checking at http://bugs.php.net/ to 
see which one this is (a search for "shebang" should do it).  It's 99.9% sure it's 
been fixed, so just searching "Closed" bug reports should be sufficient.



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