Hello all,

I was disappointed to know that other than UNIX, PHP doesn't support
processes, unless I don't have the latest news.

For my particular needs, and after investigating many sources, I see
that processes are my friend. My needs comprise of the following:

1) being able to listen on a specific port (use of 'sockets' module,
available for all OS's)
2) being able to listen to more than one connection on a particular port
3) being able to simultaneously serving more than one connection
4) each connection might take some time to finish, so I don't want a

Based on the above guidelines, this looks much like a HTTP server, but
it's not.

So, if I wish to create such a framework that would work in UNIX as well
as other OS's, what are my options in PHP? (I still can code that in C,
but I prefer PHP.)


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