I wonder if someone can give me some pointers on this.

I have cyrus/sendmail  running on a RH server, and it works great. I use
ximian evolution as my mail client and other users also has no problem
with OE or MO.
I've been looking at various web based mail clients to implement on my
server for my clients, but they all seem to have "messy" temp folders
that need to be taken care of with cron jobs etc, and it seems like
these temp folders/cron jobs are not 100% fool proof in either the size
that they grow, or in detecting "old" messages to delete.

So, I would just like to get my mind in line here with the actual
problem. Are these php based webmail clients "forced" to use this kind
of temp folder structure, or is there just no other way, and one would
have to "live with it". Would a Java client be less of a hassle then?

I would have asked something like " Can't you simply let cyrus handle
the whole process and just use php to create the 'frontend' " , but I
obviously don't know enough about the actual "workings" of these php
clients ( squirrel and webmail for instance ).

I just don't want to put one on my server as a solution to my clients if
I cannot be 100% assured and comfortable with the system as I am with
cyrus in general.

Hope someone can enlighten me.

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