I'm looking for a PHP library that would allow me to write in the native
file format of Microsoft Access (".mdb"). This would allow me to "hand" a
copy of a MySQL database to my client. I'm hosted on unix, and I'm not
familiar with ODBC, nor do I have access to MS Access running on a server.

Does something like this exist? I haven't found anything helpful at
HotScripts.com or php.net.

Another possibility might be for me to use PHP's built-in support for .dbf
files. However, my hosting company doesn't use the "--enable-dbase" flag on
their PHP installation. Also, I've heard that string fields longer than 255
characters can't be exported into a dBase file.

Besides ODBC, is my only option to write a quick tab-delimited export
routine for my data?

Thanks for any helpful advice!

Scott Teresi

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