Thats a toughy.. Your best bet is going to be dump the database to text,
then find an importer into MS Access.. Yes, I know you said you don't have
access, but I don't think you'll be able to create the access database
without it. Mabey you have a friend or something with it.

There are a bunch of contributed programs here: that might help you convert the
mysql dump into something you can import into access, then you'll have your
file. Otherwise an odbc conduit into access would most likely be best.

sorry bro, I don't know of much else.

"Scott Teresi" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I'm looking for a PHP library that would allow me to write in the native
> file format of Microsoft Access (".mdb"). This would allow me to "hand" a
> copy of a MySQL database to my client. I'm hosted on unix, and I'm not
> familiar with ODBC, nor do I have access to MS Access running on a server.
> Does something like this exist? I haven't found anything helpful at
> or
> Another possibility might be for me to use PHP's built-in support for .dbf
> files. However, my hosting company doesn't use the "--enable-dbase" flag
> their PHP installation. Also, I've heard that string fields longer than
> characters can't be exported into a dBase file.
> Besides ODBC, is my only option to write a quick tab-delimited export
> routine for my data?
> Thanks for any helpful advice!
> Scott Teresi

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