Have you tried this:

Would help if you posted some code, or errors or something. I've used curl
in several PHP applications successfully.

Snoopy is actually a really awesome implementation of curl in php:

I replaced several of my functions with snoopy classes.


"Steve Keller" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Ok, I'm going to break down and ask for help.
> I'm trying to post an XML file to NetLedger through HTTPs, but cURL isn't
> returning any errors when I run through PHP, and the file isn't getting
> Can someone point me in the direction of a site with some *good* help on
> how to do file posting with cURL under PHP? And when I say "good," I mean
> to say that I've already been to PHP.net and the list of CURLOPT's without
> explanation of how to use them is not helpful to someone at my skill
> Neither is the example on Sourceforge.
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